Finalized Logos


Product Description:

Locomotive Wild – an electric toy train set and train tracks for kids that doubles as an alarm clock. When the alarm goes off, the track turns on and the train moves around the track and toots the horn to make noise.

Icons modified from:

David Scarnà and Chris from the Noun Project


2 thoughts on “Finalized Logos

  1. I really liked the last logo. The font and colors are very kid oriented which is important due to the type of product you came up with. If i had to give any criticism it would be to try and incorporate the clock from the first logo into the last logo. Great job


  2. Overall i really enjoy the colors and liveliness of your logos, very kid oriented. i enjoy the third logo the most because of the train smoke, bubble letters and the tracks outlining the letters. It is your strongest logo in my opinion. All three are good but maybe in the first one if you added tracks to the twisting line it would incorporate every part of the product more.


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