Project Name Generator Ideas

Locomotive Wild – an electric toy train set and train tracks for kids that doubles as an alarm clock. When the alarm goes off, the track turns on and the train moves around the track and toots the horn to make noise.

Eternal Sound – a set of wireless speakers that have the longest battery life of any wireless speakers on the market.


Small Group Reviews

Review of Syllabus

  1. The expectations of the research blogs are to post ongoing process, exercises, and reading reflections.
  2. The difference between evaluation of projects and the evaluation of exercises is that projects are in depth and thought out. Exercises are more for personal motivation and completion isn’t crucial.
  3. The critique policy is that attendance is mandatory and you can only submit late projects one day late.
  4. The attendance policy is that if you are 5 minutes late or leave 15 minutes early, it equals one absence. Throughout the term, you get three absences total before your grade drops.

Review of Slides

  1. The characteristics of digital media are numerical representation, modulating, automation, and variability.
  2. Examples of digital characteristics in everyday use are: numerical representation is used when picking a background color or font color on a computer for a blog or email. A kind of automation is the use of filters on sites such as Instagram.
  3. The difference between vector graphics and pixel graphics is that vectors are mathematical formulas and can be scaled up or down without information loss, and are output to a generally small file size. Pixel graphics are bitmapped images and are determined by a grid. These images can’t be scaled easily without losing pixels.
  4. Cassandra C Jones’ art relies on repetition to create images that a human hand could not replicate as perfectly.
  5. Jones creates texture and patterning in her images which create negative space and line.